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15-Nov-2020  Pasture, Rangeland & Forage (PRF) Sales Closing Deadline

PRF protects against widespread loss of grazing and haying production offering coverage for drought. ...

15-Dec-2020  Wheat Acreage Reporting DEADLINE

Please remember that all Wheat Acreage Reports, including Zero Acreage Reports must be turned in by December 15th....

29-Apr-2021  2020 Production Reporting DEADLINE

Please remember that all Production Reporting Forms must be turned in by April 29th. If you qualify for a revenue loss then losses must be turned in within 7 days from the completion of harvest. Please call the ICAP office with questions, concerns, or a possible loss....


01-Oct-2020 : CORN - SOYBEANS - Premium Billing Date

31-Oct-2020 : CORN - SOYBEANS - Price Discovery Period Harvest Price

31-Oct-2020 : WHEAT - Final Plant Date

31-Oct-2020 : WHEAT - Loss Notice Reporting Date

31-Oct-2020 : WHEAT - Production Reporting Date

10-Dec-2020 : CORN - SOYBEANS - Loss Notice Reporting Date*

*Loss is to be reported Dec. 10 or 15 days after harvest