10-Feb-2017 : Production Cost Insurance

We offer Production Cost Insurance which Guarantees Revenue for Farmers. Click on the video below to learn more.

Learn More About PCI

Production Cost Insurance (PCI), a private product designed to safeguard agricultural producers’ profitability by covering both input costs and a significant portion of fixed costs. Farming is a high risk business, and volatile price movements in seed, chemical, fertilizer, and commodities make it difficult to predict farm revenue from year to year. PCI alleviates these concerns by providing a predictable annual revenue stream above defined, direct input costs.

The PCI plan of insurance is available through ICAP Crop Insurance. Call today for more information.

05-Jun-2018 : CORN - Final Plant Date

20-Jun-2018 : SOYBEANS - Final Plant Date

01-Jul-2018 : WHEAT - Premium Billing Date

15-Jul-2018 : CORN - SOYBEANS - Acreage Reporting Date

Please remember that all Corn and Soybean Acreage Reports, including Zero Acreage Reports must be turned in by July 15th.

15-Aug-2018 : WHEAT - Price Discovery Period Base Price